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Apprenticeship Case Study – Lyndsey Hulm

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Heather Duffiled


Lyndsey Hulm is a Digital Marketing Apprentice at TalentTech Recruitment, we spoke to both Lyndsey and Executive Recruiter, Nick Goodwin to find out how the programme has benefitted Lyndsey’s career and the positive impact this is having on the business.

Lyndsey Hulm – Digital Marketing Apprentice at TalentTech Recruitment

“I was apprehensive about starting my Level 3 Marketing Apprenticeship, it had been a while since I was last in the “classroom”, and I had a misconception Apprenticeships were for younger students! However, I’m so glad I started the journey, it has been great for my personal and professional development, and I’ve had amazing support from my coach, Daniel Adey.

Lyndsey Hulm – Digital Marketing Apprentice at TalentTech Recruitment

Through monthly learning sessions and assignments, I have gained a firm understanding of the Fundamentals of Marketing, giving me a solid foundation to create effective marketing campaigns that resonate with our target audience and identify the right channels to promote our brand. My course covered Data Analysis and Insights, giving me the valuable skills to analyse data effectively, which help me gain insights into how our campaigns are performing, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that help optimise our marketing strategies.

I am 14 months into my apprenticeship and excited to be approaching my End Point Assessment Portfolio, showcasing everything I’ve learned and how I’ve made an impact on the business.

I have had to be 100% committed to the course, and put in the time and effort but as a result, I have learned skills and knowledge to help me succeed in my role as Digital Marketeer for TalentTech Recruitment Ltd.”

Nick Goodwin – Executive Recruiter at TalentTech Recruitment

“We have been extremely impressed with both the attitude and enthusiasm Lyndsey has shown over the last 14 months with regards to her course. We have seen a real noticeable increase in the skill base, knowledge & execution of all of our digital marketing. This has had a direct result on our bottom line and UK digital footprint.

We have new clients onboard who are now spending accounts, have re-established contact & engagement with previous clients that we haven’t worked with for a while. Leads, contacts and our target personas are observing our increased quality content and are responding. This is also reflective in our candidate traffic – we are reaching a wider audience. The world of recruitment is even more challenging as we have to target both the B2B (client) & B2B (candidate) channels which have both seen success.

In our business that is nowadays based around digital online personal & company branding, our increased presence is impactful to the success of our growth.

From regular marketing meetings, sharing of knowledge/best practice to colleagues, well thought out marketing campaigns, the constant conversations about engagement rates and the analytics of each post (its daily conversation) is a world away from where TalentTech were at 14 months ago. We have a plan, structure, knowledge and can now track the success …

We couldn’t be prouder of our apprentice – a credit to herself and Team TT. Well done Lyndsey from all at TT.”