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Digital Futures Success

Written by

Peter Roberts


Digital Futures is providing vital digital skills training for businesses and their employees in Chesterfield, with a range of Microsoft programmes available, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint which are widely used across any industry.

Mihai, from Graphoidal Developments, has recently become the first learner to complete the Digital Futures course. Mihai enrolled onto the course to enhance his digital productivity when using software packages such as Microsoft Excel, and support him in his career development. The Digital Futures course provided Mihai with online training that equipped him with the skills to effectively manage, calculate, and format data. On completing the course, Mihai was awarded a certificate and Lenovo tablet!

As for the course, it was indeed very insightful,” Mihai stated. “The part that stood out the most to me was the hands-on approach to learning. It provided a practical perspective that is directly applicable to my current role. I believe this will greatly enhance my efficiency and productivity moving forward. Thank you once again for your support and assistance.

Mihai’s success story underscores the value of continuous learning and targeted training in empowering professionals to excel in the digital age.

Digital Futures is a partnership between DBC Training and Chesterfield Council, funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

If you’re looking to improve your digital skills in the workplace, click here for more information about the Digital Futures course.