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From Novice to Leader: Ellie’s Apprenticeship Success

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When Ellie took on the position of a team leader, she found herself facing a role that was relatively unfamiliar to her. Recognizing the importance of acquiring the necessary skills to excel in her new role, she made the decision to embark on the level 3 Team Leader qualification. Ellie understood that this journey of learning and growth would not only enrich her own capabilities but also contribute significantly to the development and success of her team.

Throughout her apprenticeship journey, Ellie’s learning experience equipped her with valuable skills and insights. Developing a fundamental understanding of fostering a robust and cohesive team, coupled with the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with her team members. Ellie came to understand the crucial role of one-on-one meetings in nurturing and sustaining these connections. These regular interactions provided her with a platform to offer guidance, support, and feedback to her team members, creating an environment of trust and open communication.

Ellie’s apprenticeship also introduced her to the importance of personal development planning (PDP), reflection, and feedback. Whilst also giving her a greater insight into the company’s policies and procedures. Recognizing their significance not only from a legal perspective but also as crucial components in maintaining a fair and equitable work environment, she ensured that these guidelines were upheld at all times.

Ellie says “I would highly recommend anyone to join one of DBC’s programmes. Everyone I have dealt with there has been extremely kind and helpful. I have had fantastic support from my Development Coach, Trudi, right the way through the course. The workbooks are very informative and easy to understand, and the online platform is easy to navigate.”

Upon completion of her apprenticeship, Ellie plans to continue her role at Armeg. As she strives to continually make a difference there. Ellie states “I can already see a difference in the department in the last year, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me here.”