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My Apprenticeship Journey – Emily Rowan

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My journey to becoming an apprentice was really simple. I knew I still wanted to gain more qualifications while I was in my role on reception. I had just started as full time after completing my kickstart role so completing an apprenticeship, especially since we deliver them, seemed the most logical way to go. I expressed my interest in completing an apprenticeship to my line manager so we started looking at which one would be most suitable for my role. It was then we chose the Level 2 Customer Service as this one related to me most considering my role is entirely customer focused.

I found the course so useful as it allowed to me to learn more about our organisation and everything we stand for but more importantly for me, I got to learn more about myself and how my role had an impact on everything. It helped me develop personally as well as professionally and my confidence grew continuously throughout my journey of completing the apprenticeship so I’m extremely grateful for that! The further I got into the course, the more I was learning which meant my delivery of customer service was constantly improving.

I also learnt about legislations and regulations we follow and different ways to deliver customer service. This was very beneficial to me as it allowed me to get an in depth understanding on these. Having the knowledge I now had meant I was up to date with everything I needed to know and was able to ensure I was doing everything I needed to so I could follow these as accurately as possible.

DBC Internal Apprentice of the Year
DBC Internal Apprentice of the Year

Having this qualification and the skills and knowledge I have learnt throughout will massively help me in the future. I can continuously learn new ways to deliver customer service but also I can continue to develop within my role and that is something I am so excited about. I have a strong passion for delivering customer service and since I am the receptionist in Chesterfield it means I get to use my skills daily and I hope I have a great impact on every single person that comes through our door, rings our phones or sends an email.