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Paige Ready to Progress After Apprenticeship Success

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What was your intent of completing your apprenticeship programme and do you feel this has been met now you have completed?

I did the Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship because I wanted to learn more about the processes and expand my knowledge. I also thought by doing this, it would help my confidence within the industry.

I feel like they have been met, I have learnt a more and it has definitely helped with my confidence.

What new Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours have you learnt?

Time management & organisation – By doing the apprenticeship alongside every day work, it has helped me manage my time better and be more organised each day when I have had assignments to complete alongside doing my daily role.

My understanding of all the legislation is a lot better and my knowledge around these is a lot better.

How the sales cycle really works within my day.

What impact has this programme had for you in your job role?

My role in general is clearer and the importance of it. It has made me more aware of legislation when posting job adverts. It has also helped with my knowledge and has given me more confidence within myself when doing my job role.

Do you feel this apprenticeship programme will support you with your future aspirations? If so how?

I feel like this apprenticeship has given me a good base to build on and now I have passed the Level 2, I am wanting to go on to do the Level 3 in Business Admin. It has helped with my confidence and has given me more knowledge and understanding for the future.

Did you feel well prepared for your EPA?

I did feel prepared. After having a team’s call with my Development Coach and she talked me through it all and gave me some advice and some resources for me to look over, it helped me prepare and have a good idea of what would be expected from me.

Do you feel you received sufficient support from your Development Coach?

Jane has been fab and has provided me with plenty of support. Jane would talk me through the assignments and spend time talking through the questions together , which gave me the opportunity to ask any questions or for Jane to explain the question if I didn’t quite understand it. Jane would always come back to emails or phone calls quickly and was always there if I needed the support.

How have you found your experience with DBC overall?

I have my found my experience with DBC good and I have enjoyed completing my apprenticeship through them. The staff and Maths tutors have all been good and if I have struggled with anything or had to cancel teams’ meetings, everyone has been approachable and easy to talk to.